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• 2/25/2017

Error with quest 'Crazy Switch'

When I did the crazy switch quest I clicked on the switch and a blank dialogue box popped
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• 2/25/2017

Raining Chain is AWESOME

I have only played it for a little bit and I love it
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• 2/12/2017

Global Exp Modifier not being calculated correctly

So Genetos is actually the one to point this out.
Genetos says the Global Experience Modifier is to be increased by 0.1% * fame.

The actual calculation now is 1 + (1f / 1000 * fame) = gem
The proper calculation would be 1f/10*fame = gem, according to Genetos.
I'd like to propose a fix! Make the calculation 1f/100*fame = gem, change Genetos to say "increased by 0.01%" :)
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• 2/12/2017

Sad Tree

When in party, the quest will no complete.
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• 2/12/2017

Catch Em All

When in party, the quest will not complete.
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• 2/12/2017

Zezymah Squirrels

Zezymah spawns squirrels, but the achievement is broken, causing the client to disconnect.

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• 1/27/2017

Greetings from Canada

My name is Xylss and I have been a lurker on idkwhatsrc way back in the day. I have been aware of the development of this game for quite a while and just decided to check in again and see if I could try it out. Smile

by Xylss on Sun 10 Apr 2016 - 21:42
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• 1/27/2017

My name is Gerdus The Dragon Slayer

Im the most danger and legendary warrior i kill multiple dragon in one hit my name is Gerdus.

by Gerdus on Sun 10 Apr 2016 - 1:55
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• 1/27/2017

My name is rc

I'm rc, also known as RainingChain or IdkWhatsRc. I'm the developer of RainingChain.

I've been working on the game for about 3 years now. I am about to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Computer science.

I live in Montreal, in Canada. I'm French Canadian. (French is my native language.)

Guess what! I like playing and creating video games! My favorite ones are Zelda, Dark Souls, GTA, Runescape, Super Smash Bros and Diablo.

Posted on the forums on Sat 9 Apr 2016 - 21:24
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