List Edit

Name Reward
Reach Level 1 Arcane Bullet
Reach Level 5 Fire Ball
Reach Level 10 Ice Shards
Reach Level 15 Boomerang
Reach Level 20 Arcane Explosion
Reach Level 25 Electric Whirlwind
Complete 1 quest Chilling Throw
Complete 5 quests Light Bullet
Complete 10 quests Light Explosion
Complete all quests Electric Throw
Get 10,000 score in 1 quest Fire Explosion
Reach 250 Fame Light Boom
Reach 400 Fame. Bone Protect
Reach 500 Fame Wildcard Stat Orb
Reach 1000 Fame Chilling Arrows
Complete all challenges for a quest. Expensive Regen
Complete 1 Challenge Fast Regen
Complete 5 Challenges Materials
Complete 10 Challenges Exploflame Throw
Complete All Challenges Bleeding Blow
Obtain a pet. Shadow Protect
Obtain 5 pets. Melee Trap
Own a Tier 100 Pet. Gems
Buy a Task Reward Bundle Gems
Buy 10 Task Reward Bundles 5,000 Exp
Buy 100 Task Reward Bundles 10,000 Exp
Complete 25 Tasks Materials
Collect 10 Lore Entries Materials
Get all the entries of a Lore Book 5,000 Exp
Complete a Side Quest 1,000 Exp
Complete 5 Side Quests West Waypoint
Complete All Side Quests Light Arrows
Complete All Side Quests x10 Wildcard Stat Orbs
Complete a Boss Lair Wildcard Stat Orb
Complete a Boss Lair in hardmode Wildcard Stat Orb
Obtain an Unique Equip. 1,000 Exp
Obtain 10 Unique Equips. Rock Trap
Enter a Competition Cold Explosion
Competition Top 5 1,000 Exp
Competition Top 1 3,000 Exp
Enter Lvl 10 Map Chain
Enter Lvl 15 Map Regen Tornado
Get 100 Highscore Stars. Rock Protect
Trade an item. 500 Exp
Buy an item from a shop. 500 Exp
Hidden Bookcase 1,000 Exp
Beefication 1,000 Exp
Decrypt Lord Dotex PM 1,000 Exp
Save Klappa 500 Exp
Squirrels! 500 Exp
Die 100 times. 2,000 Exp
Play for 10 hours. 2,500 Exp
Play every day of the week. 5,000 Exp
Invite a player to your party. 1,000 Exp
Talk with 10 villagers in town. 1,000 Exp
Kill 100 Dragons. 3,000 Exp
Kill 100 players. 3,000 Exp
Kill every monster type Light Wave
Harvest 10 resources. Piercing Arrows
Harvest 100 resources. 2,000 Exp
Harvest 500 resources. 5,000 Exp
Harvest every resource type. 1,000 Exp
Harvest 50 resources in a day. Shadow Trap
Material Master Materials
Own 100 of the same material. 3,000 Exp
Own 1000 of the same material. 5,000 Exp
Rare Equip Materials
Very Rare Equip Explosive Arrow
Equip Master Parabole Shot
Full Orange Wildcard Stat Orb
Disassemble 10 equips. 1,000 Exp
Disassemble 100 equips. Whirlwind
Disassemble a gold equip. Wildcard Stat Orbs
Upgrade 10 equips. 1,000 Exp
Upgrade 100 equips. Fire Strike
Beat any quest with 3 friends. Chilling Strike
Beat King of The Hill with 3 friends. 1,000 Exp
Beat Duel League with 3 friends. 1,000 Exp
Unlock Reputation in corner. Materials
Unlock Reputation in corner. Gems
Same Reputation bonus x3. Tornado
Same Reputation bonus x5. Gems
Same Reputation bonus x10. Gems
Use 4 Reputation Converters Materials

Tips Edit

Beefication: Talk with the Wise Old Man. He is located in the cave in the map Southern River.

Hidden Bookcase: At the beginning of Move Database, you enter the database. Collect the tables in this order: Player, Npc, Equip, Highscore, Quest, Main. A hidedn bookcase will appear. The password is PNEHQM.

Decrypt Lord Dotex PM: Send any message to Lord Dotex and he will reply with 01001110 01010000 01000011 00100000 01010010 01100101 01110110 01101111 01101100 01110101 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110. If you convert the binary into ASCII, it returns into "NPC Revolution". Send that message to Lord Dotex to unlocked the achievement. (via @Lord Dotex,NPC Revolution)

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