Description Edit

The crafting system in Rainingchain is really open and also gives all the needed information.

crafting anvil location Edit

All crafting happens at the Anvil located in the map Town right next to the Merchant NPC.

All Information about Re roll chances and possible item Values can be seen there too. To do so : Click the anvil choose any item to upgrade , the bottom most option on the right side of the craft screen window now becomes : “Check Possible Rolls” all stats that your item can get are shown here and in case you wonder if another item would suit you better you can look at the value of any item via changing the Weapon/ armor type at the top of the grid.

What can be done ? Edit


unlock the on-drop-hidden status bonus values Edit

- up to 6 boni on Golden items

increase the flat Weapon Power / Defensive Values Edit

- for max value see "Possible Rolls" Panel

swap the Element Multipliers Edit

- swaps out flat elemental bonusv(ice/fire/lightning) with flat basic damage bonus (melee/ranged/arcane)

reroll any stat value Edit

- for possible stats see "Possible Rolls" Panel Edit

upgrade any stat value Edit

- for max values see "Possible Rolls" Panel

Ascend Gold equip

- Increseases Base Dmg/ Def value of a golden item. The maximum Ascension visible in "Check Stats" is lv is 20. But Rc stated there is no real cap.

Costs Edit

All upgrades cost some form or resource there are basically 3 types of upgrade payments :

Material/Gem cost only : Edit


is used for unlocking more stats or randomly re roll stat boni costs x amount of the resource/gem the item is made of (ex : metal - for metal armor).

Material/Gem + Stat Orb cost: Edit

Stat orb upgrade

is used when upgrading any weapon value rather than swapping it out. to Increase a stat you will be required to spend x material and the fitting stat Orb (power orb for weapon power - lv orb for lv ...)

Ascension : Edit


can only be done with Gold items. You Pay x gold shards to increase the weapon power/ flat def value of a golden item even more. Ascension Costs go up every Ascension level.

General crafting advice Edit

  • dont spend too much on crafting before getting gold equipment and at least reaching lv 30
  • pre lv 30 its best to disencant items into Stat Orbs (no Power/ Level Orbs)
  • getting an Ascended weapon early will increase you damage tremendously
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