Monster Overhaul - CompleteEdit

  1. Revamp the monsters so their attacks are less random and more pattern-based. Knowing the enemies should provide an advantage (being able to dodge them or counter them). 
  2. Diversify the enemies. Your way to battle enemies should differ depending on the enemy. You should have to adapt yourself to different situations.

Ability OverhaulEdit

  1. Diversify player attacks so they actually feel different. Right now, most of the diversity comes from bullet movement and damage type/status effects. However, it still feels the same using them.
  2. Add more strategic elements / options for the player.
  3. Allow players to specialize in a domain.
  4. Prevent too powerful skill combination

Equip OverhaulEdit

  1. Allow players to specialize in a domain.
  2. Balance crafting cost.
  3. Have simple cheap builds
  4. A wide variety of equip bonus are useful.
  5. Getting equip upgrade should be less random.

General OverhaulEdit

  1. Rewards are balanced at low and high levels.
  2. The game stays challenging even for skilled players. <- No solution yet
  3. Not skilled players are still able to progress in the game. <- No solution yet


List of projects to meet the objectives.

  • Ability 1: Gameplay
    • Introduce new ability modifiers that impact gameplay.

  • Ability 1: Gameplay
    • Create new abilities based on those modifiers.

  • Ability 2/3 and Equip 1: Specialization
    • Introduce new specialized equip bonus tighly tied with ability.
    • Abilities scale with a specialized equip bonus.

  • Ability 3 and Equip 1: Specialization
    • Remove reputation grid. Grid doesn't add depth to the game. Just pick whats best and thats it.
    • Remove quest points. Hard to balance. Too fast to level up abilities and only level up precise ones. Ability level up is major power upgrade and should be awarded to its just value.

  • Ability 3: Specialization
    • Change the way new abilities are obtained. Right now, players dont choose what them want. All depends on the achievement is. People dont focus on an achievement for its ability.
    • Introduce ability grid with points granted via achievements.
    • Player level up increase the max ability lvl.

  • Ability 4: OP builds
    • System that tracks builds used by top players.

  • Equip 4: Bonus Usefulness
    • Add unique bonus that converts bonus into another.

  • Equip 2: Balance
    • Crafting cost should be based on exp needed to level up.
    • Level up equip should be expensive at higher level but cheap at lower level.

  • Equip 5: Random
    • Able to convert useless gold equip into shards, then shards into equip of choice.

  • Equip 3: Simple Build
    • Add premade unique equips meant for beginners. Usable for early abilities.

  • General 1: Reward Balance
    • Rewards given depends on the time spent. Create system to easily adjust reward based on time.
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