This is the general design direction of the game. New development projects must respect those guidelines. Making changes to the guidelines must be deeply analyzed.

Player ExperienceEdit

Fast-pace combatEdit

  • No down time while in combat.
    • Minimal menu-ing.
    • Small down-time on death: Easy to revive partner. When eliminated in a quest, offer something to do meanwhile.
    • Minimal preparation before combat
  • Encourage risk taking / aggressive gameplay


  • Small penalty on death
  • Level and gears matter more than talent for solo-related content. (All content but highscore, competition and competitive PvP).
  • Possible to grind if lack of talent. <- Issue right now

Repeatable ContentEdit

  • Content must be as repeatable as possible to minimize development time.
  • Repeatable content must have some depth. (Ex: Not killing x1000 the same monster.)
  • Repeating content must give unique unreplacable rewards (aka be the only way to get a specific reward). Ex: Highscore stars, emoji. Only giving exp and items is not good.

Reversible DecisionEdit

  • All decisions can be changed.
  • Content must never become inaccessible.
  • The cost to reroll may be high.
  • Consequence: For quest storylines that split, must give option to repeat it with other branch.

Mobile friendlyEdit

  • All progression-related content must be accessible on mobile. (Note: Cosmetic features don't have to.)
    • No key feature on right-click or mouseover.
  • All interfaces must handle both pc and mobile.


  • Understandable and enjoyable even if skip all dialogues and cutscenes.
  • Understandable even if no computer knowledge.
  • May contain advanced computer notions, but must not be part of the main story. (Ex: Can be in lore books.)
  • Must be expandable. Has no hard ending.
  • Small number of characters. Focus on making them feel unique and interesting.
  • Characters must be memorable, especially their name. This means easy to say and remember names.
  • Story doesn't need to be linear.
  • No irreversible storyline split.


  • Must be enjoyable solo. (Doesn't require multiplayer to be a good game.)
  • All content must be accessible solo. (Exception for non-content features such as achievements and highscores.)
  • Trading is not mandatory to beat content.
  • Best equipment must be obtained by yourself. Prevents secondary account and rwt.
  • Encourage trading. (Ex: Common currency.)
  • Prevent inflation
    • Untradable top-tier equip.
    • Consumable currency.
  • Quick and easy to join friends at any time. (Exception for solo content.)
    • Better to allow joining with reward penalty than to not allow.


  • Limit RNG: Being unlucky increases chance to become lucky later. Ex: Pet drop rate.
  • No situation where player lose all or win all.
  • Prefer incremental progress over luck-based progress.
  • PvP optional.
  • Must not be able to be harassed by other players even when muted. Ex: Prevent players from doing something.
  • Must not be forced to play with someone you don't like.


  • Easy to get decent weapon but perfect weapon is very hard
  • Entry cost should be very small to encourage early upgrade.
  • Allow players to keep equip for a long time. (Allow to level up the equip.)
  • Newly found equip must potentially be better than leveled up equip. <- Issue right now. Reduce max roll if leveled up?


  • Less important than PvE
  • A PvP update shouldn't degrade PvE.
  • Keep PvP for fun. (Linked with Rage-quitting and engine limitation.)
  • Allow PvP customization.


  • High player density area


Fast DevelopmentEdit

  • Use static analysis as must as possible
  • Minimize code using any typing.
  • Permit shortcut against OOP, but must be statically validated.

Fast MaintenanceEdit

  • Minimize issue tracking overhead
  • Stay up to date with new technology
  • Support old browser versions only if doesn't affect code structure or performance.


  • Server performance is more important than client performance
  • Do as much work on the client as possible while remaining not exploitable
  • Stay up to date with new technology
  • Goal is 50 players per server. If not met, gameplay will need to be tuned down.

Fast ReleaseEdit

  • Minimize manual testing by running integrity tests
  • Downtime less than 30 minutes are acceptable.


  • Keep the data up to date with the server. (Ex: Removed quests should be removed from database.)
  • Data integrity more important than player progress. (Ex: Will not save player progress is corrupted.)
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