Combat Overhaul

Long term project to improve general combat. Affects equip and ability.

Join Mid-Quest COMPLETE!

Allow players to join a party mid-quest.


Limited time to complete dungeons. Killing monsters increase time. Chests can give extra time too.

Dungeon special modes. Ex: x2 movement speed. x2 damage. 100 Hp.

Advanced dungeon stats: Dmg dealt for each player. Death count.

Add harvestable spots and treasure in dungeons.

Party highscore

Permanent Flags

Overworld chests openable once. NPC mini-quests.

More Contribution Rewards

  • Golden context fame
  • Add back bullet skins.
  • Spawn squirrels
  • Different gravestone
  • Multiple Equip page / Reputation page

PvP Rework

Custom matches with custom rules. Multiple PvP maps (PvP Arena).

Raining Chain Editor COMPLETE!

A new editor to create maps and quests for the game. Planned to be a Visual Studio Code extension. Tutorials and API needed.

Main Story

Expand the main story. Introduce the new NPCs Player2 and Antivirus. Fix inconsistency with current quests. Improve NPC dialogues. Add new lore books.

Player Stats

Introduce new player stats. Too many for this page...

'Fury': Increase every time a player is damaged or damages an enemy. Decreases if the player is idle. Fury increases damage. Certain abilities require fury. Melee users gain more fury.

Internal Improvements

  • More player statistics for balancing the game. Ex: Ability popularity.
  • Multi server chatting

Game API

Able to fetch player stats, highscore equips.

Improve Maintainability

Command regression tests. Quest automatic testing (DONE).

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