Step 1 - Installation Edit

To create maps you will need the Map Creator which contains :

  • Map editor Tiled
  • Raining Chain's tileset images
  • Generic map template

After downloading the Map Creator, extract the .zip and follow the instruction in the README.

Step 2- Creation General Shape (Layer WALL0) Edit

Make sure the grid is set as visible in Tiled. (Ctrl-G)

You can change size via Map -> Resize Map.

Recommended quest map size: 50x50 up to 80x80. Overworld maps must be 80x80.

When designing an overworld map, make sure to include ways to expand the map and places where to place quest-starting npc.


Step 3- Add Shape Decoration (Layer WALL1) Edit

Place stairs on that layer as well. All paths must be at least 2 tiles wide for the player. Paths were combat may occur should be at least 3 tiles wide to prevent monsters getting stuck.


Step 4- Add General Ground (Layer GROUND0) Edit

Grounds with different height must be different.

Grounds with same height must be the same.


Step 5- Add Paths and Water (Layer GROUND1) Edit

Use the Terrain tool in Tiled to automatically draw the borders.


Step 6- Add Non-Walkable Decorations (Layer DECO1) Edit

Make sure non-walkable decorations will not get in the way during battle.


Step 7- Add Walkable Decorations (Layer DECO0) Edit


Step 8- Adding Actors Positions (Layer SPOT) Edit

The SPOT layer is used to position actors in the map. 


  • 1 tile: The actor is spawned in the middle of the tile.
  • 2 tiles: The actor is spawn in the middle of the two tiles. Required when using solid 2x2 actors (ex: blocks, pushable rocks, chest, lever).
  • 3+ tiles: Creates a zone (rectangle area). Used by quests. If all the tiles form a line, it can be used to spawn a line of blocks.

For collision to work properly, solid actors must be spawn using two tiles.

2x2 solid actor: Chest, Rock, Lever, Harvestable Rock:


4x5 solid actor: Tree trees:

Line of blocks (for quests):

MapCreation LineOfSpots

Every world map should contains:

  • Teleporters: (t1,t2,t3...)
    • Leave and enter the map: Placed 1 tile away from border.
    • Cave and doors: Placed over the first wall tile.
  • Monsters (e1,e2,e3...)
  • About 3 harvesting plot (a,b,c...)
  • A lore book spot (A)

General Advices:

  • Do not place enemies near teleporters.
  • Do not place enemies in tight paths.
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