Name Description
Bad Luck Brian Restore Brian's luck by changing his RNG seed.
Backup Plan Retrieve a database backup in the well-guarded database archives.
Base Defence Kill waves of monsters before they reach your base.
Boss Battle Fight five bosses back to back in an epic battle.
Break Targets Find the fastest way to break 10 targets.
Bullet Heaven Survive as long as you can in a cave filled with deadly towers.
Catch Them All Catch monsters and use them to kill the boss.
Collect & Fight Harvesting resources to become stronger for an epic battle.
Crazy Switch Activating a switch can have weird effects on villagers.
Darkness Retrieve a precious object in a cave haunted by ghosts.
Duel League Kill enemies in your zone to send them in your rivals' zone.
Fifteen Place 15 blocks in the right order by pushing them.
King of the Hill Stay on the hill as long as possible while killing rivals.
Locked Memento Bring back a memento hidden in a cave filled with bats.
Lure & Kill Kill monsters by luring them on the red mat.
Minesweeper Play the puzzle game minesweeper.
Move Database Migrate the database content to a more secure place.
Moving Targets Find the fastest way to break 10 moving targets.
Not Again! Is the new database really safe from Lord Dotex evil plans?
Protect Town Protect villagers from waves of monsters.
Puzzle & Bridge Puzzle where you need to move blocks to form a bridge.
Puzzle & Switch Activate switches and push blocks to complete 5 puzzles.
RGB Restore the RGB setting by activating 2 hidden switches.
Sad Tree Fix a glitched NPC who has been transformed into a tree.
Save Database Prevent Lord Dotex from hacking the database.
Soccer Play soccer against your friends! Push the ball in the goal to score.
Teleporter2000 Kill waves of enemies with the help of the Tower2000 trio.
Tile Flipping Puzzle that involves flipping tiles.
Tower Defence Use towers strategically to kill waves of enemies.
Tutorial Raining Chain Tutorial