In order to use a premade actor model in the Raining Chain Editor, you will need to import them.

This is done by adding the actor model id in the NPC enum (at the top of the .ts quest file).

Ex: enum NPC {bat}

List of premade actor models:Edit


  • bat
  • bee
  • mosquito
  • mushroom
  • plant
  • slime
  • snake
  • orc_melee
  • orc_range
  • orc_magic
  • smallWorm
  • ghost
  • eyeball
  • skeleton
  • spirit
  • pumpking
  • werewolf
  • bigWorm
  • dragon


  • npc (Non-combat)
  • npc_playerLike (Combat version. Can be damaged by monsters)


  • blank (Model with all default properties)
  • pushable_rock2x2
  • block_rock2x2
  • target
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