Walkthrough Edit

to start the Quest talk Razifibre located in town center bottom left of your private stash. after talking to him and taking the quest there will be spawned a switch that sets your RBG settings to 255,0,0 in order to set your screen colour back to normal you need to activate the two remaining switches. The switches are located in seperate dungeons. One is located on the map the dip north of town. the second one can be found on the map Southern River. after activating the 3rd switch you'll be teleported back to Razifibre and receive the quest reward.

Video Walkthrough
No Challenge
RGB (No Challenge) - Raining Chain MMORPG

RGB (No Challenge) - Raining Chain MMORPG

Challenges Edit

Name Description
100 Hp Complete the quest with only 100 max hp.
Speedrun Complete the quest within 4 minutes.
Deathly Tower Towers are harder to kill. WAY HARDER.

Highscore Edit

Name Description
Quest Score Cumulative Quest Score
Time [Deathly Tower] Fastest Time with Deathly Tower active.

Tips Edit

-dont try to complete the quest before your able to kill the towers in Green switch forrest dungeon

-be carefull towers have insane life regen

-consider to take skills with high burst damage

Trivia Edit

this is one of the only, if not the only, quest that teleports you back to the startpoint of the quest upon completion

this is one of the quest that can be considered

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