The Raining Chain Editor (RCE) is a tool used to create Raining Chain content such as quests and maps.


Refer to the RCE Installation page


  • Create a new quest from template.
  • Compile and run the game server locally.
  • Buttons to quickly add new game elements such as new maps, items, dialogues, etc.
  • Auto-completion and syntax highlight based on the Game API.
  • Image selector.
  • Details about shortcuts and commands can be found via the "RCE: Help" button in the Raining Chain Editor.

Technical DetailsEdit

The Raining Chain Editor is actually a Visual Studio Code extension. The game and quests are coded in Typescript. The game server runs on a Node.js server and uses an embedded MongoDB database. The maps are created with the map editor Tiled.

The game server of the Raining Chain Editor is a light-weight version of the game. Features unrelated with game content creation have been omitted.


Refer to the Quest Creation page.

Issues & FeedbackEdit

Come discuss on the Discord server.